AAA Program Information


Winnipeg South Minor Baseball Association (WSMBA) sponsors AAA level baseball for 3 age groups: 13U, 15U, and 18U.

The mission of our AAA program is to develop the skills of baseball players to a high level of excellence.  We promote strong character both on and off the field. We insist on good sportsmanship and proper behavior. Most importantly, we want everyone to have fun and enjoy AAA baseball - from the players to the coaches to the parents and the fans. We also want our opponents, their fans, and the umpires to enjoy the experience of participating in baseball. The foundation of the AAA Program is built on the following player principles:

Character, Class & Commitment



Excellence & Effort



Commitment and Program Philosophy


AAA baseball requires a significant time and financial commitments, depending on each individual team’s performance and tryout time. Once the team is formed, every player is expected to attend all practices and games. Absences could result in a reduction of playing time.

League play of 20 - 28 games, begins in May and continues into July. Also 2 - 3 weekend tournaments and possible exhibition games will be scheduled during the season. The number and location of tournaments is at the discretion of the individual team.

Commitment from parents of Chiefs players is also very important. In order for our association to be a success and for our children to maximize their enjoyment of playing AAA baseball, your participation is required.

AAA Program Philosophy

The AAA program firmly believes that:

  • The level of effort committed to the program, determines the result one will achieve. Players are expected to work hard to be given their opportunities to practice, participate, and play.

  • In order to fully enhance skills and development, players and parents should commit to the expectations of the program with regards to effort and attendance.

  • There is a high expectation of respectful conduct of our players, both on and off the field.

  • The definition of fair play differs from that of A or AA level baseball. For the WSMBA AAA program, fair play will also differ as age levels advance.

  • It is important that Coach’s communicate their play time policy/strategies to parents and players at the beginning of the season.

Codes of Conduct

All Chiefs players, coaches, parents, and spectators are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that will serve as a positive example to others.  Players, Parents, and Coaches are required to sign a Code of Conduct that applies to them.  The signed Codes will be kept by the Team Manager.

Registration Fee and Other Costs

The Chiefs registration fee is suggested annually by the WS AAA Committee and approved by the WSMBA Board of Directors. The registration fee for those players selected to WS AAA 13U, 15U, and 18U teams in 2018 is $720 per player. The registration fees do not include any additional team fees (see below.)  A tax receipt will be issued by WSMBA in mid-June, for the amount of $600.00 (less any fees paid directly to your Community Centre).  The additional $120 on the registration fee is considered a fundraising fee (see Fundraising below).

Fair Play Policy

The intention of our Fair Play Policy is to provide a guideline for Coaches on how to treat players fairly so that players receive a reasonable amount of playing time for development, over the course of the baseball season.  WSMBA AAA Program believes that fair play holds a different meaning as age levels advance.

  • 13U ~ We consider our 13U team to be in a development stage of baseball, however it should be understood that even at this level, the AAA program brings together the best players within the WSMBA catchment area. With that in mind, our 13U Fair Play Policy is as follows:

    • During 90% of the regular season, all players will play within 10% of the average innings played of the team. Coaches will calculate players’ innings played during the course of regular season play. If players miss games and/or practices, the coaching staff is not obligated to give players additional playing time for personal time missed; their play time may be affected at their next attended game; this will not be calculated against their 10% average innings played.

    • Not all players will play all positions, however the goal will be for every player to play an outfield position and an infield position, during the course of regular season play. All players will have opportunities to pitch during regular season play and/or during tournaments. The positional play will be assessed by the coaches, and decisions made based on not only player ability, but also player confidence.

    • Batting order will be at the discretion of the coach.

    • During postseason play, some players may see less playing time, at the Coach’s discretion, with the focus on winning the game. However, all players will play in postseason games.

  • 15U & 18U ~ At the more advanced 15U & 18U age levels:

    • Fair Play does not mean that all players will receive an equal amount of playing, however they will be given equal opportunities to earn their playing time.

    • Not all players on a team will play every position. Players will play positions to the strength of the team, where the coaching staff believes that players will contribute and develop their skills for the best of the team. The Coach’s objective is to develop all players.

    • Batting order will be at the discretion of the coach.

    • During postseason play, some players may see less playing time, at the Coach’s discretion, with the focus on winning the game.

  • All age levels:

    • Head coaches will convey their policies regarding playing times at an initial parent meeting.

    • It is acceptable for a coach to use playing time as a consequence of inappropriate behavior including disrespect of teammates, coaches, officials and fans, and lack of effort at practices.

    • There may be instances, during some game situations where players won’t play. Coaches will provide additional opportunities in future games to those players whose playing time was adversely affected.

    • In the event that teams advance to Western or National Championship play, roster additions are generally made to enhance the overall strength of the team. Players and parents should be aware that roster additions may play more time than some original team members.


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